Mid-Year Review

midyear review

It is August already! I can hardly believe that seven months of the year have already passed! My son is back at Lacrosse practice and he’s still on summer break! My girls are already back to school and I am, yet again, back to carpool, homework, and unpaid taxi duty! This summer seems to have come and gone without my permission! Lol!

There are only few months left until the end of the year. Have you accomplished any of the goals that you set for yourself back in January? If the answer is no, it’s not too late! There is no better time to start than TODAY! Start fresh. Take out your goals and do a mid-year review. Assess where you are, what needs to happen, decide what you are going to do, and when you are going to do it. “Easier said than done?” is what a lot of you may be thinking. I’m not suggesting that it’s easy, but it’s necessary in order to ensure your success!

If you have a hard time holding yourself accountable to your goals, you may want to seek help! Some find it easier to accomplish goals when they know they have someone in their corner pushing them and cheering them on. It may be as simple as finding someone who will be your walking buddy, someone who will meet you at the gym, or even someone who will check in from time to time to see if you’ve hit the milestone that you shared with them a couple of weeks ago. As a certified life and business coach, I spend my days advising and guiding people who desire change to achieve it. That doesn’t mean the coach doesn’t need a coach! I’m probably the first one to seek help! Why re-invent the wheel, the old one works just fine! In other words, if I can find someone who is more knowledgeable in an area than I am, why would I spend time trying to figure it out, when someone else already has?

Do yourself a favor, take that list of unaccomplished goals and make an addition. Add to that list the people (regardless as to whether you know them or not) who will help you reach each goal. No matter the goal, how big or small, people will always be the common denominator. All goals can be accomplished, but none of them can happen without the proper people in place.

Finding the proper people may take some time, but it will definitely be time well spent!



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