If Opportunity Knocked, Would You Be Ready?



I received a call from one of my mentees who is a student at a local university. He said, “Ms. Deanna, I got someone you need to meet. He’s shooting a film, here in Raleigh and he’s worked with A-list talent in Hollywood and he’s producing 2 films this year and 2 television series on the horizon. How can I get him on your show?” He was so excited about this young man, my interest was definitely piqued! I said, “Who is it?” and he responded, “Joshua Coates!” I immediately said, “Get him on the phone, and let’s set it up!” Two days later, I found myself interviewing director Joshua Coates at his hotel at 130am! Wow!

Opportunities are special, and they come to all of us every day. The question is, are we ready for the opportunity? When I ask that question, many people immediately answer in the affirmative. However, how many times have you been approached with an opportunity to invest in a business venture that you truly believed in, go on a fantastic vacation with friends and/or family, work with someone you’ve always wanted to work with, or just do something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do? I dare say more often than not…but for whatever reason; be it fear, lack of finances, lack of confidence, or lack of vision, it kept you from being a part of something great!

Opportunity isn’t always convenient! It doesn’t always show up at the perfect time. Opportunity doesn’t always come the way we expect it to come or even from the people we expect it to come from. The fact remains that opportunity is always present. It’s our job, as believers, to move on the opportunities in faith and let God handle the rest. If you’ve been praying for opportunity to come, get ready because it’s going to come. Will you be ready?

It wasn’t convenient to meet a film director in sub frigid temperatures at 1 o’clock in the morning on a week night. It came from someone that I wasn’t expecting it to come from…but it came! So, while you’re waiting on your opportunity to knock, prepare yourself NOW because it may never come again!



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