My son, Elijah, is a Lacrosse player and has been since his freshman year of high school. Workouts after school are nothing new to me.

Just imagine: It’s January, it’s cold outside, I just assumed that he was doing a pre-season Lacrosse workout. He got into the car, and after the normal exchange between a mother and son, I asked him, “So why were you working out in the gym today?” Expecting to hear the usual response, he said, “Football workouts.” Now I’m sure his father was privy to this information, but this was my first time hearing of anything regarding football! Don’t get me wrong, we watch football as a family, may even attend a game or two, but to have him playing the game of football…for me that’s a different story. So I continued my line of questioning without seeming to be alarmed or concerned, “Have you ever played football before, Son?” He responds by saying, “No” without any concern. Of course I knew the answer to this, I’m his mother! Other than tossing the ball in the yard with his friends, he has NEVER expressed an interest in playing football, mainly because he knows how dangerous it is and that the chance for injury is very high…now you see my concern…and did I mention he is now a junior in High School? So I say to him, “Son, if you’ve never played before, why tryout now?” He responds to me with, “It’s going to be my Senior Year next year. I’ve been telling myself all through High School that I was going to try out and I never did, but I just made up my mind that I was going to do it.” At that moment, my concerns immediately faded. My son had made a decision to face his fear! Make the team or not, win or lose, he was going to try…even if it took him to his senior year to do it! I couldn’t have been more proud!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I shared that story. Well, I shared it because there are many of us who would like to do something. Something Great! Something Unimaginable to those who love us! We’ve dreamed about it, told ourselves we were going to do it, but because we are afraid of not succeeding, we don’t do it. I speak to people on a regular basis about facing fears and doing it afraid…I just didn’t know that my son was one of those people. As a parent, it’s hard sometimes, for us to know if the things we are saying and the lessons we are trying to teach our children are getting through to them…especially our teenagers. We’re just mom. What do we know? Like my son Elijah, you also have a goal. Maybe your goal isn’t to try out for the football team. But I’m pretty sure you have something that you’ve been telling yourself that you were going to do. Your time is now! Elijah realized that if he didn’t try out for the team, he’d never be able to do it, because he knew his time in High School was coming to a close. So act now, there’s no time to waste! Slay your dragon called fear! Win or lose, at least you tried! Oh, and by the way…he made the team! Go Middle Creek Mustangs!
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