Before You Go Home..

I recently attended the Home Going service of a childhood friend.  We were the same age, rode our bikes down the same streets, and shared the same friends.  We are from small town America; where all the neighborhood boys worked in tobacco fields to earn money for their school clothes and all the girls sat on the porch with their grandmas and shucked corn, snapped beans, and shelled peas.  It was a time when all the children knew when the curfew was…as soon as the street lights came on!

I reflected on those times as I sat thru his service and wondered how much more work for the Kingdom that I must do before I go home.  Do you have things that you were called to do years ago, and for some reason, they haven’t gotten done?

While we are still in our Earthly homes, let us not take for granted the graces and the mercies that have been shown toward us each day.  Before you go home, I implore you, do what you were called to do…it doesn’t have to be more, BUT definitely no less!



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