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b inspiredThis weekend, my husband, Brian, and I had the opportunity to help a dear friend and business partner, Edith Ward Cunningham, celebrate being in business for 5yrs! She was able to hit a mile stone that not a lot of business owners are able to achieve. As I sat and listened to the local government officials make their Declarations & Resolutions and I heard her speak of all the obstacles she had to overcome while building her business, I became inspired! I was inspired by her ability to build a very successful non-traditional business within the world of direct sales while building her traditional business! I was inspired by the huge network of supporters that stuck by her even when they had no “vested” interest to do so! I was inspired by the huge amount of young people whom she had helped that came back to say, “Thank you.” And finally, I was inspired by her will and her determination to succeed! Five years later, she is still in business with plans of expanding! That’s awesome!

Edith’s story got me thinking… how many of us will still be in business after five years? Statistics say that most businesses fail within their first five years. What are we doing, as business owners, to guard against that happening to our businesses? There are definitely some things that we can do to ensure that we all celebrate longevity in our businesses!

First, you must have a strong reason why you are building your business. I believe if you were given the vision to build, you were probably given a reason to build it. Your reason may be to get your time back, leave a legacy for your children, contribute back to society on a greater scale, or financial freedom. Whatever the reason, it has to be strong enough to endure criticism from others (trust me, there will be critics). Not everyone will understand your vision, but it’s not for everyone to understand…just you, the visionary!

Secondly, have a plan of action. We have all heard the adage “If you don’t have a plan, then you must plan to fail.” I believe that to be a true statement. You may not have all the pieces to the puzzle, but sit down and at least fill in the pieces that are in front of you. Do the things that are in your control (finding the financial resources, getting the proper education, finding the people who can help) and everything else will eventually fall into place with the proper guidance.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You were given the vision for a reason. It is all part of His perfect plan for your life. Celebrate the small victories! If for some reason things do not go as you have planned, try not to be too hard on yourself. Get back up, lick your wounds, learn the lesson that was presented, re-evaluate, and try it again. You can do it!

Building a business, traditional or non-traditional, for most is uncharted territory. The good news is the journey to the top will be very rewarding if you endure until the end. Just remember, we were all given a dream, but dreams don’t work unless we do! So, let’s get to work and make our dreams come true!



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    Thanks for Sharing!!

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