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Join us for our Great Merger Mastermind & Retreat
I’ve been very blessed to have helped train and develop leaders who were striving to become successful in their own businesses.  Helping others create and discover streams of revenue in business is what I am purposed to do!  Specifically, in the Mastermind setting, you will:
  1. Be in community with like-minded individuals who brainstorm, educate, provide peer accountability and support, to help sharpen your business and personal skills.
  2. Learn step-by-step how to Brand yourself, Marketing/Social Media, Product Development, Networking & List building, Team Building, Organization & Time Management, Presentation Skills, hosting Events and Pricing (which is what many struggle with…how to price their products and services.)
  3. Partner with me and others who can help propel you to your next level!
Participants of the Great Merger Mastermind will challenge each other to set important goals, and more importantly, help you to accomplish them!  The group requires commitment, confidentiality, a willingness to be creative and brainstorm ideas & solutions, and support each other with total honesty, respect, and compassion.  Each member of the Great Merger Mastermind will act as a catalyst for growth and supportive colleagues.  This is the essence and value of the Great Merger Mastermind.

As a BONUS, for those of you who are serious and ready to stop making excuses as to why you are not where you know God has for you to be, you will receive an ALL EXPENSE PAID 3 DAY GREAT MERGER MASTERMIND RETREAT!  That’s right, ALL EXPENSE PAID!  Just get there!  The retreat is scheduled for Oct 8-11th and October 22-25, 2015 (FOR COUPLES ONLY).  You will be joining me , along with the other Great Merger Masterminders on a 3 day retreat on the beautiful Kiawah Island in South Carolina!  We will spend the 3 days working on you and your business in depth!  Don’t worry…I believe in working hard, but I also believe in PLAYING harder! We will also visit the infamous Charleston City Market and go on a Carriage Tour of Historic Charleston, SC!

Because we want to make sure that we are able to spend as much time as possible with everyone during the retreat, spots are VERY limited!    So take advantage of this offer as soon as possible! We only have 3 spots left to fill!

When will the Mastermind begin?
Great question!  The Great Merger Mastermind will begin with a Meet & Greet in March 2015.  It is during this time, we will get to know each other and share what our hopes, dreams, and desires are.  It’s very important to gain trust during this time.

The training schedule is as follows:
March 29th: Meet & Greet
April 26th: Training Day
May 31st: Implementation Month (Q&A call)
June 28th: Training Day
July 26th: Implementation Month (Q&A call)
August 23rd: Training Day
September 20th: Implementation Month (Q&A call)

October 8-11th RETREAT!!
October 22-25th RETREAT FOR COUPLES!!!

What is the investment for the Great Merger Mastermind?
The investment for the Great Merger Mastermind is only $997.  If you are one of the 3 remaining spots, not only will you participate in the Mastermind, but you will also get to come to The Great Merger Mastermind Retreat ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Your lodging and meals (with the exception of snacks & meals during any excursions) are all taken care of at no additional cost to you!

How do I take advantage of the Great Merger Mastermind?
Another great question! You have 3 payment options:
Option #1: Pay in Full ($997)
Option #2: Payment Plan of 3 installments to be paid monthly ($367/mo for 3 months)
Option #3: Payment Plan of 4 installments to be paid monthly ($287/mo for 4 months)

It’s simple, just pick your payment option above!



2 responses to “Money Makin’ Mastermind”

  1. Etoria Hill says:

    Hi Deanna,

    I am interested in learning more.

    Best regards,
    Etoria Hill

    • admin2 says:

      Hi Etoria!

      Hope this message finds you well!

      I’m very excited about the Money Makin’ Mastermind! Collaborating with other like-minds is what I thrive on! Thank you for inquiring about the Money Makin’ Mastermind! My assistant should be sending out information to you shortly.

      Aspire to Inspire,

      Deanna Hamilton

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